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"Our asphalt shingle roof was old and couldn't hold up against the harsh Alaskan winters so we decided to call The Anchorage Roofers. They provided us with a reasonable estimate for a roof replacement and the crew was on the job the week after. My husband and I chose a new metal roof installation and couldn't be happier with it. For a great finished product and local roofers you can count on, look no further. Thanks again!"
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The Anchorage Roofers is the #1 Roofing Company in Alaska!

There are plenty of roofing companies in Anchorage and even more general contractors that claim to do roofing services. When you're talking about protecting your family, belongings, and the structural integrity of your property, you can't afford to take a chance on contracting with anyone less than the best. The Anchorage Roofers hold the training, experience, and skill you want to obtain the peace of mind you deserve.

The Anchorage Roofers provide a whole range of roofing services, from quick roof repairs of asphalt shingles on a residential property to an entire roofing installation of EPDM roofing on a commercial building. There's no job too big or too small, and everyone gets the same personal attention and dedication.

Satisfaction and safety are the priorities of our full service roofing company, and we guarantee everything we do. Ask about our flexible financing options and current special discounts when you call to make an appointment today!

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Featured Anchorage Roofing Work

How Our Roofers in Anchorage AK Get the Job Done!

Take a walk with our expert roofers through a typical job to  put your mind at ease about your upcoming project.
Step 1


We are currently scheduling roofing estimates in Anchorage for all commercial and residential clients. If you want, you can walk through the process with us and see how thorough our roofing contractors are. Our roofing contractors in Anchorage AK will provide you with a quick overview of your roof's condition and what it will take to get it where it needs to be.
Step 2


After determining whether it's a roof repair or replacement you want, our roofing company will partner you with a design team member to explore the options for shingles and various roofing materials. Pick from numerous styles, colors, and textures that are reasonable for each demand and budget.
Step 3


When your roofing materials arrive at our Anchorage warehouse, we call you immediately to set up the service. Rest assured that we work around your schedule. Our team shows up when we say we're going to, complete the job efficiently, and let you look at it for final approval. When you're 100% satisfied, we then deliver you the warranty information. If something goes wrong before it's expected to, call us back. We will come and check it out and fix it.
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

A Roofing Material That Coordinates With Your Existing Exterior

What would make your home stand out in a way that you never thought possible? A new roof in Anchorage makes a more meaningful difference than most imagine. See the difference for yourself in our previous work. Review the roof types and materials below, and reach out to us to get your project in motion.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles are traditional, affordable, and come in an assortment of colors. Start looking at rooftops in your area, and you'll see how many options there are. Call us when you know what you want for your roofing service.

Tile Roofing

Have you ever seen a residential building with tile roofing on it? It's rather unique, but it's gorgeous, durable, and increases property value tremendously. Our design team is ready to show you what we have available.

Metal Roofing

People seem to think that metal roofing in Anchorage is ugly or loud, but it's actually the roofing system of the future. There are little to no repairs required, and it lasts double the amount of time as asphalt.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Could you imagine having a roofing system that makes your home look like something right out of a storybook? That's what cedar shake roofing does. If you want a rustic look on your home, cottage, or other structure, call us!

Slate Roofing

What would you say if a roofer in Anchorage told you that they could do a roof installation that would last 125 years? It's true with slate roofing. Let us explore everything we have to offer from top manufacturers!

Rubber & Flat Roofing

Our commercial roofing services clients select rubber and flat roofing systems for industrial locations for their durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Focus on increasing profits and leave the roofing to us!

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Qualified Roofing Contractors

Are you looking at your roof and wondering where to go from here? Our roofing contractors in Anchorage have your answers. Here are some of the solutions to the most frequently asked questions. Read more on our roofing blog or please contact us if you have additional questions/concerns!

How much does it cost to get a roof repair?

The national average for roof repairs in the United States varies. Most people requesting roof repairs pay differences of anywhere from hundreds to thousands. The price will fluctuate depending on labor, material types, and who does the service. We will give you a detailed quote so you'll know what to anticipate for a bill.

What is the cost to tear off and do a replacement?

With asphalt roofing shingles, the typical going rate is $1.20 to $4.00 to tear off and replace the roof. Rates will increase if a more expensive roofing material is chosen, like tile, slate, or cedar shingles. Let us know what you have budgeted for a replacement, and we will lay out all of your options.

Can I get a new roof if I don't have any money?

It's extremely unfortunate, but it happens... you need a roof replaced, and you don't have the funds. We offer several financing options with 0% interest that our customer care department will review with you. Other customers have used credit cards, home equity loans, cash-out refinancing options, and in some instances, you can claim it on your homeowner's insurance policy. Reach out to us if you're struggling, and we will help you figure it out.

Learn More About Our Excellent Roofers in Anchorage AK & Our Top-Quality Roofing Services

You can spend time on the internet researching roofing in Anchorage, or save yourself the hassle and read the informative details we've collected and supplied for you right here. We're industry leaders in how we provide numerous roofing services. If you still want to know more, our knowledgeable roofers in Anchorage AK are more than willing to go over everything in a comprehensive way when you're ready.

Roof Inspections in Anchorage Performed by Industry-Leading Professionals

For homeowners that are physically able to climb on a roof, it's still recommended that you get a professional roof inspection in Anchorage at least once a year. Why? Because you don't know what to look for. On top of that, it's dangerous to be up there! Keep your feet on the ground, and let us do it.

Our roofing company has the tools and training to do the most thorough roof inspections. We give you honest answers to our findings, and there's no pressure to schedule a service. Fall and spring are ideal, so get on the books with The Anchorage Roofers when it meets your hectic schedule.
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measuring tape for roof inspection in Anchorage
roofers in Anchorage AK doing emergency roof repair

Roof Repair Services in Anchorage Covered by Rock-Solid WARRANTIES on Materials & Labor

There are clear indicators that point to a roof repair in Anchorage, and others aren't so obvious. Missing shingles, water leaking, sagging in the roof, and noticeable damage from hail or wind all demand roof repair. If you're worried you're in an emergency roof repair situation, call us, and we will send someone over instantly.

We stand behind our roof repair services and our roofers in Anchorage AK with warranties on parts and labor services. Get a roof repair without the risk and reach out to our professionals.
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Roof Replacement in Anchorage - What Roofing Material Interests You?

Have you already started thinking about your roof replacement in Anchorage? Do you know what roofing materials you want to use? We have a limitless selection, so we're sure we can match you up with precisely what you're looking for. If you want something that we don't advertise, ask us! We'll do what we can to get it for you without any hassle.

If your replacement has snuck up on you, talk with our customer service crew about our financing options. Don't wait until things get any worse. Call now!
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finished roof replacement on home by roofers in Anchorage AK
installation of new roof by roofers in Anchorage AK

Roof Installations That Follow Industry Guidelines, Local Codes, and Manufacturer Directions

Don't wait until your home is underwater until you start thinking about a roof installation in Anchorage. When there's water infiltrating into your house, then there's water damaging the structure where you can't see. Call our roofers before it's too late.

We do all roofing installation in line with the industry standards, and we always go above and beyond in customer care. When The Anchorage Roofers do your roof installation, you can sleep easy knowing it's built to withstand extreme elements.

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New Roof Construction in Anchorage For An Entirely New Structural Appearance

Affordability, reliability, and skill are what is essential in new roof construction for Anchorage properties. With over two decades of experience in the industry, The Anchorage Roofers have what it takes to construct a completely new roof or restructure an existing one.

With our reach in the community, we're capable of working along with your other building contractors in a seamless fashion. We won't create stress. We're only here to make the process simple. Find out more by calling today.
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construction of new roof in Anchorage
commercial roofing skyline in Anchorage

Commercial Roofing in Anchorage That Pays You Back in Profits!

As a locally owned and operated company providing commercial roofing services in Anchorage, you can relax knowing that we will treat you fairly. We understand the complexities of running a business, and we are here to make your life a little bit easier.

Our trained roofers are knowledgeable in TPO, EPDM, rubber roofing, flat roofing, roof coatings, and more. Everything comes with a WARRANTY, so your investment is protected. Stop worrying about what's overhead and start focusing on boosting profits with one call to us!
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Are You in Our Anchorage Service Area?

Are you unsure whether we include you in our Anchorage service areas for high-quality roofing services? If you're in the general region of our physical address in Anchorage, there's a good chance.

We're always willing to travel to nearby cities and towns for residential and commercial roofing repairs, installations, and replacements. Call us to get your home improvement performed on your schedule.

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The Anchorage Roofers - The Roofers That Respond To Your Every Roofing Service Need

Don't get stuck waiting around for an unresponsive and unreliable roofing company in Anchorage. When you need us for all of your roofing repairs, roofing installations, and roofing replacements, we ALWAYS show up. Ask about our special discounts and financing offers! Call us at (907) 308-2831
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