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February 15, 2022

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You may need roof repair if you have recently noticed that you have brown or yellow stains on your ceiling. Roof repair in Anchorage is typically performed from April through October. However, snowfall and cold temperatures can present challenges with roof installation outside these months, particularly with asphalt shingles. As a result, getting work done on your roof could result in delays as some roofers have to wait for an ideal temperature to install the roof. To get around the difficulty that the weather presents during colder months, roofing contractors may suggest that you get storm proof roofing in Anchorage to keep your roof in the best condition and prevent leaks. Here are what storm-proof roofing materials entail.

What Is Storm Proof Roofing?

Storm proof roofing isn’t limited to areas that experience frigid temperatures. It could be a helpful practice anywhere where extreme temperatures are present. Storm proof roofing is especially prevalent in areas where hurricanes or tornadoes are common. Storm proof roofing is a method that roofing companies use to strengthen your roof against potential storm damage in an area that’s at high risk for storms. For instance, homes in places like Florida or Tornado Alley may get storm proof roofing to minimize the damages done to their roofs when storms occur. In areas that experience lots of snow, the roof could become vulnerable to a regularly heavy snow accumulation. Not only could this cause leaks, but if damages are already present, it could lead to roof collapse. Ideally, it is best to keep snow off roofs as much as possible to prevent problems with leaks or collapse.

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Why You Should Storm Proof Your Roof in Anchorage

The United States gets about 28 inches of snow per year on average. However, Anchorage, Alaska, can expect to get about 80 inches of snow annually. The good thing is that most of the snow that falls in Anchorage only leaves about an inch of snow. At the most, it may leave up to 3 inches. However, there are times when Anchorage weather can be pretty unpredictable and could double the amount of average snowfall, creating unbearably cold conditions and excessive amounts of snow. To protect your roof from Anchorage’s potentially unpredictable snowfall, it is a good idea to storm proof your roof.

Techniques For Storm Proofing Your Roof 

A roofer may storm proof your roof by suggesting a type of roof that can withstand freezing weather. Some of the most durable and energy-efficient options that a roofer may suggest are as follows:

  • Wood Shingles
  • Slate
  • Metal Roofing

While these may be the best options, if you prefer asphalt shingles, a roofer may suggest that you get organic ones. They perform well in cold weather, last up to 25 years, and are highly resistant to algae and other microorganisms. 

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Reinforcing Your Roof

Another way that roofers may help storm proof your roof in Anchorage is by reinforcing your roof with gutter guards or gutter brackets. Guards will prevent the gutters from accumulating snow and ice and causing the gutters to detach from the roof by preventing the snow from getting into the gutters. Brackets help keep the gutters from separating from the roof by providing reinforcement. If the snow accumulates in the gutter, the roof brackets are strong enough to keep the gutters from falling under the heavy weight of the snow. One more way that roofers may storm proof your roof with gutters is by adding a heating element that helps gutters melt the snow on your roof faster. 

When you get new shingles installed, it may be a good idea to have underlayment installed. Underlayment is a moisture barrier placed on the roof decking before installing shingles. Newer homes may have underlayment. However, older homes may not. Also, underlayment can go bad after a while. Therefore, a roofer may repair your underlayment when getting roof shingles repaired. 

Sometimes roofers don’t only storm proof your roof by fixing issues on the outside of your house. To storm proof your roof, they may do it from the inside. Insulating the roof and ensuring adequate ventilation will help keep snow from accumulating on your roof and remaining stagnant. In addition, proper insulation and ventilation will provide sufficient airflow in the roofing area during the winter so that you won’t have to worry about ice dams building up on your roof. These are caused when too much heat collects in the attic area, and there is no place for it to go. While it does get rid of snow on the top of your roof, the precipitation trickles down to the sides of your roof, where the gutters create heavy ice, which can ruin your gutters. Having adequate attic insulation and ventilation will balance the air in winter and summer. 

Contact a Roofing Company for Storm Proofing Your Roofing

If you need a roofing company that can storm proof your roof, count on the experts at The Anchorage Roofers! We provide a variety of roofing services for both residential and commercial customers. Our team also installs a wide variety of roofing materials. Contact us today to learn more about options for storm proofing your roof and get a FREE estimate on our services. 


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