New Roof Construction in Anchorage of All Shapes & Sizes

How We Do New Roof Construction in Anchorage, Alaska

Is new roof construction in Anchorage on the horizon for you? Whether you're building a new how or redoing the roof structure of an existing property, when it comes to new roofing, you want qualified contractors that know how to handle it. At The Anchorage Roofers, we have a crew with decades of experience in roof framing and knowledge of advanced roof construction methods.

First, we come to your location to thoroughly assess the project. Then, we review all of your options. We will outline everything from the completion timeframe to budgeting, materials types, and design. What you have in mind for a style and shape may not be the most reasonable or aesthetically pleasing option. Trust our honest contractors to help you make the right choice.

Everything starts with a complimentary, no-obligation quote. You can get yours by calling, emailing, or filling out the simple form found on this page. Do it today, and we will get back to you right away.

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Can a Roof Construction in Anchorage Pay You Back?

How do you know that the cost of roof construction in Anchorage is worth the investment? Well, if you're looking at building a roof, chances are you don't have many options. However, many will try and tackle a project like this on their own or with their buddies. It's not a DIY job. The best solution for your new roof needs is hiring an expert.

What are the benefits of paying the cost for professional roof services?

  • Experts know how to do the job safely. You won't have to worry about accidents, damages, or injuries.
  • Hiring out will save you time, stress, and headache from trying to figure it out alone.
  • You'll get expert advice on the best roof system for your property.
  • Gain access to some of the highest quality roofing materials at the most affordable prices.

If you contract with the right roofing company, your investment will pay you back. Watch your property value increase and your curb appeal skyrocket!

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Signs Your Roof Structure Needs Some Attention Right Away

New roof construction in Anchorage is what is required when you're building a new property. You need a professional to do the roof framework, install underlayment, and put down the covering. While some people will allow their general contractor to do this part of the project, it's proven that hiring a roofing specialist will provide you with better results.

Signs you need a roofing contractor include:

  • Your roofing job has potential hazards, and you want someone with the proper safety training.
  • You're looking to secure warranties on the materials and the work, so you're not risking losing your hard-earned money.
  • You want someone reliable that can come and address issues if they arise.
  • You want peace of mind knowing the job was done exactly right. Roofing contractors only do roofs, so they are experts in new roof construction specifically.

Look at our blog to learn more about why a roofing company is the way to go for your roofing job. Then, give us a call for your free quote!

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new roof construction finished in Anchorage

The Anchorage Roofers Know the Roof Construction Methods That Work!

The Anchorage Roofers have everything you're looking for in a roofing company and much more. We're locally owned and operated, so we can show up quickly and get right to work. In addition, we're not going to take your money and run. We're looking to build long-term relationships with our clients, and that's why we offer:

  • Exclusive, extensive warranties
  • Satisfaction guarantees
  • Special financing
  • Top-notch materials
  • Personal attention
  • Fair, reasonable pricing

Learn more about what makes us the most popular choice for building a roof in Anchorage by contacting our crew now!



See what our customers have to say:
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"Our asphalt shingle roof was old and couldn't hold up against the harsh Alaskan winters so we decided to call The Anchorage Roofers. They provided us with a reasonable estimate for a roof replacement and the crew was on the job the week after. My husband and I chose a new metal roof installation and couldn't be happier with it. For a great finished product and local roofers you can count on, look no further. Thanks again!"
- Ingrid M.

Trust All of Your Residential and Commercial Roofing to Our Specialists

Do you have a property with an existing roof that's giving you some trouble? Maybe it's leaking, there are shingles missing, or it could simply be older than 25 years. In any of these cases, we can help you get your roof back to the condition it should be in. That could mean doing a complete roof replacement. However, if we think we can fix the problem with a more affordable, simple, straightforward roof repair, that's exactly what we will do. You can trust that our honest contractors will give you the facts about the condition of your roof. There are no high-pressure tricks up our sleeves. Find out your options for creating a safer, more structurally-sound property with an initial roofing inspection today.

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The Anchorage Roofers - The Most Advanced Roofing Techniques for Reliable Results!

It's not easy to decide to make the call for roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation for your Anchorage residential or commercial property. Trust that we keep it stress-free and affordable in all situations! Call us at (907) 308-2831
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